Austin Moody headed back to his roots to celebrate the Fourth of July, and the show went off with a (literal) bang. Last month, the Kingsport, Tennessee, native played his inaugural Pepsi Independence Day Celebration in Johnson City.

After a passing thunderstorm, and as the fireworks were going off just prior to Austin’s scheduled finale, the venue unexpectedly lost all power. After insisting that it was his responsibility to give the folks the show they came for, Austin and Scott, his guitarist, grabbed their acoustic guitars and jumped into the crowd. Practically in the dark, the two climbed onto a couple of empty crates and began performing an impromptu unplugged set. A large crowd quickly gathered around and used their cell phones to illuminate the two artists. With a thrilled audience loudly singing along, Austin and Scott happily tore through some popular country classics. It is still unclear who had more fun, the overjoyed crowd, or Austin.

Austin had kicked off his set with the high energy original, “Lookin For A Woman,” and kept the crowd rocking with another original, “Till The Sun Burns Out.” The enthusiastic audience sang along as he covered Blake Shelton’s “Sangria” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” Austin also threw in a few more very well-received originals, including “My Generation,” “Throwback,” and “I Can’t Get Out.” He joined other artists such as Brad Puckett, Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier and Craig Wayne Boyd to entertain the throngs of fans.

Check out some of the action here!